Syncretic Narrative: Data in Flux

Presentation: 'Syncretic Narrative: Data in Flux'
Conference: From the Virtual to the Real, XARTS Conference
Host: University of Aegean
Location: Syros, Greece
Date: July 2013

Derr, D (2013).  ‘Syncretic narrative:  Data in flux.’  Technoetic Arts: Journal of Speculative Research. Vol. 11, Issue 2.  ISSN: 1477965X

Abstract: This paper examines the syncretic processing of data produced and disseminated from disparate sources with particular focus on the subsequent narrative.  These sources of information each bring their own amalgam of corporate, political and economic agendas. Therefore the resulting narrative is not authored, owned or maintained by any one singular entity; rather it is shared, in constant flux, and principally reliant on the viewer. The syncretic processing of data provides a unique opportunity to consider the narrative construction of events generated within Gustavo Cardoso’s consideration of the networked model of communication. This paper proposes an outline of the attributes that exhibit the elements of a syncretic narrative.  In doing so, this paper will examine creative works that demonstrate these attributes and challenge traditional notions of narrative within the networked model of communication.