Morphological Mapping of the Arab Spring through an Ecological Lens

Presentation: ‘Morphological Mapping of the Arab Spring through an Ecological Lens’
Conference: MutaMorphosis II: Tribute to Uncertainty
Host: CIANT International Center for Art and New Technology
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Date: November 2012

Abstract: In the construction of the Arab Spring’s narrative matrix the various systems of information authoring, archiving, and dissemination were patterned and routed via the existing networks of power and global, economic, and political control structures. The Arab Spring presented networked systems of power and influence, both Western and Middle Eastern, with an opportunity to propagate through emerging communication strategies. The morphological mapping of this data through an ecological lens could provide insight on data configuration and its construct within networked systems of control. Within the framework of communications theory and the narrative matrix this presentation will look at various devices and applications capable of providing an ecological perspective in demonstrating the multitude of cultural complexities embedded in the Arab Spring’s narrative matrix including the historical, social, economical, and geographical. This presentation will look at systems that could approach the possibility of causing a paradigm shift in networked systems of control via communication technology. Systems considered will include interactive data visualization, locative media, open-access spatial authoring systems, and Buckminster Fuller’s Geoscope.

Keywords: Arab Spring; communication theory; data mapping