• Presenting 'As Method: Negotiating the construction of syncretic narrative' at THE MATTER OF THE IMMATERIAL, Shanghai, 2015

  • 'Variable There: Reconfiguring Narrative through Urban Data, II', Awarded Funding

  • 'Syncretic Narrative' Awarded Funding

    ‘Syncretic Narrative: A Method for Negotiating Power and Resistance in War and Conflict’ was a awarded funding by VCUQatar through a Faculty Research Grant for the production of a computer program based on agent-based modeling for navigating complex adaptive systems.
  • Presenting 'Capturing Gaddafi: Narrative as System Currency'

    The Fak’ugesi Digital African Arts Conference aims to provide a platform for research on technology, art and culture in Africa. The conference presents local and international research where technology as a convergent form intersects with socio-culture, development and creative practices. It is hosted by the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Conducting workshop 'Variable There: Reconfiguring Narrative Through Urban Data'

    Environment data derived from urban spaces can produce dynamic narratives examining embedded social and political constructs of an individual city. This workshop will explore the formation of narrative through the collection, collation and configuration of environmental data from the urban space of Johannesburg, South Africa. Participants will consider and identify unique points of entry through comparative location analysis around the city. Participants will then collect environmental data through an Arduino-based sensing platform and skin the data using Processing, into visual and auditory narrative abstractions. This workshop will address the following questions: What is the narrative of an urban space as constructed through environmental data? How can environmental data be represented in a narrative form through visual and auditory abstraction? The outcome of this workshop will be a visual and auditory narrative abstraction, representing the urban space of Johannesburg, South Africa. By Diane Derr and Law Alsobrook of the Virginia Commonwealth University of Qatar.
  • Presenting "Art and Artifacts: Immersive and Interactive Technology in the Preservation and Engagement of Built Cultural Heritage

    Session by Diane Derr (VCUQatar) and Dr. Andrew Petersen (University of Wales) explores a global collaborative project in the visualization of the State of Qatar's built cultural heritage, which expanded in the integration of interactive and immersive technologies to examine the shifting roles of viewer and participant. This breakout session will present mechanisms of our collaboration and the demonstrative outcomes of our research and will present strategies used to engage participants in the syncretic territory between art and archaeology.
  • Presenting 'Urban Space and Qatar’s Build Cultural Heritage' at ISEA, 2014 in Dubai

  • Participating in round table discussion on the topic of 'Field and flow: netting the nature of Nature'

    CAC.4 Computer Art Congress Conference, September 2014. Organized with the collaboration of NANO LAB (, supported by the Graduate Program in Visual Arts, at the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (
  • 'From There to Then' awarded funding

    'From There to Then' is a collaborative research project by Diane Derr and Law Alsobrook examining the construction of narrative through the non-visual and auditory forms of environmental and biometric sensors. This project explores Aristotle’s delineation of narrative as the logical connections and interactions that exist between events. Through environmental and biometric data collected over the course of a 12-hour bus ride from Delhi to Dharamasala, India 'From There to Then' will consider the trans-media narrative framework through perception and experience.
  • Presenting 'Embedded Function: Creative Computing within Interdisciplinary Practice'

    Interdisciplinary Design Symposium. Hosted by VCUQatar. May 18th 2014. The symposium theme centers on exploring the definition and practice of interdisciplinary design. Increasingly, the boundaries between design disciplines have become more fluid. What was once perceived as solid is quickly dissolving, forming a perpetual cycle of reinvention and revision of how we conceive, generate and realize a design. The establishment of interdisciplinary design programs within institutions of higher education is an acknowledgement and reflection of this development. What this actually entails, though - particularly in the context of design - remains open to rigorous debate. This symposium aims, through a variety of means, to investigate and clarify the paradigms that shape the field of interdisciplinary design.
  • Exhibiting 'Playing with Tajfel' in 'Strange Wonders'.

    'Strange Wonders' exhibition will take place at Msheireb Enrichment Center in Doha, Qatar, April 14th - May 6th. This location and narrative provides a fitting context for this exhibition, which takes its inspiration from Company House, one of the heritage buildings within the Msheireb downtown area that played an important part in the lives of Qatar's original oil pioneers. Indeed, the title of the show, 'Strange Wonders' is based on a direct quotation from one of these pioneers, Thamir Muftah, who spent his youth at sea with the pearl-fishing fleet before beginning work in Qatar's oil industry in 1946. Describing a host of new experiences that he and his fellow oil workers encountered at that time, Muftah recalled that, "We were seeing so many things of the like of which we had never even imagined. Coloured tins, pineapples, pears, oranges, all kinds of strange wonders. By looking to Qatar's past to stimulate innovative new art and design, this exhibition provides the opportunity for artists and viewers alike to consider and explore their own personal, contemporary and even tangential 'Strange Wonders'.
  • Lines in the Sand, opening March 12th, 6pm

    ‘Lines in the Sand’ is an exhibition that brings together realms that seem at first to be mutually exclusive – the historical and the contemporary; the real and the virtual; the tangible and the intangible. This exhibition unearths Qatar’s rich and complex history through interactive media designed to create new and alternate frameworks through which we may view, use and engage with the past.
  • Connecting Art and Technology, The Foundation Magazine

    Featured in 'Forward Thinker' article of The Foundation Magazine.
  • 'Interacting with Qatar's Past', awarded funding

    The research project 'Interacting with Qatar’s Past' is an extension of the 2011 NPRP grant funded project 'Visualizing Qatar’s Past' which will examine the use and impact of interactive technologies in accessing archeology. The project will be exhibited in March 2014 in the VCUQatar Gallery. Through interactive technologies the exhibition will enable a critical understanding of the rich and complex history of Qatar through the entangled relationship of culture and technology. This exhibition accesses Qatar's heritage through immersive and interactive technologies enabling viewers to become participants; engaging in Qatar’s history through the lens of emergent media technologies.
  • Distinguished Faculty in Research Award

    In August 2013, I was honoured to receive the distinguished faculty in research award from Virginia Commonwealth University-Qatar.
  • Presenting ‘Syncretic Narrative: Data in Flux’

    From the Virtual to the Real, XARTS Conference, July 2013. Hosted by University of Aegean. Syros, Greece. The extended use of digital technologies in physical, biological and artificial environments enables artists to design and implement new forms of Art. Scholars from all over the world explore these extending possibilities during XARTS 2013 Conference 'From Virtual to Real' where researchers cooperating with the PLEIAS and the Planetary Collegium Consortia will present their last findings in Extended Arts subjects.
  • 'VJing the Narrative', Tasmeem Workshop

    This workshop targets artists and designers interested in the expansive field of the moving image, and the integration of time-based media and interactivity. Participants will learn and practice: basics of panoramic video production; basics of editing of non-linear editing; system design; data distribution methods for multiple devices; and live, collaborative interaction techniques. Integrating the themes of “Hybrid-Making” and “Made in Doha”, this workshop links traditional video production with performative and collaborative interactive practices. The workshop will be divided into five components: video shooting, video editing, database configuration, system design (performance rules), and an interactive exhibition installation.
  • Presenting ‘A Contrapuntal Reading of Data Journalism’

    Behind the Image and Beyond Conference, March 2013. Hosted by German University of Cairo. Cairo, Egypt. This conference is part of the research conference series Consciousness Reframed: Art and Consciousness in the Post-Biological Era. The Consciousness Reframed conference series was founded by Roy Ascott at the University of Wales in 1997. Consciousness Reframed is a forum for trans-disciplinary inquiry into art, science, technology, design and consciousness, drawing upon the expertise and insights of artists, designers, architects, performers, musicians, writers, scientists, and scholars. Consciousness Reframed conferences have taken place in Australia, Austria, China, Germany, and the United Kingdom.
  • Exhibiting 'Distention' at the Gezira Art Centre, Cairo Egypt

    Jacques Rancière said: "There are two catastrophic opinions about image and reality that are popular today. The first says that nothing is real anymore, because all of reality has become virtual, a parade of simulacra and images without any true substance. The second says that there are no more images, because an "image" is a thing clearly distanced or separate from reality - because we have lost the distance that enabled us to discern between images and reality, the image, as a category, no longer exists."
  • International Collaborative Arts: Conversations on Practice, Research, and Education

    Chairs: Diane Derr and Radha Dalal, Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar

    This session considers collaborative practices spanning the vast terrains of research, practice, and education within the global landscape. During the past decade the fields of art and design have witnessed the prominence of collaborative practices embedded in the global landscape increase significantly. Numerous terminal degree programs in the creative arts routinely integrate international research and educational collaborations. Curators, artists and designers are constructing hybrids of these traditional practices through international collaborations. In 1996 Nicolas Bourriaud coined the phrase ‘relational aesthetics’, describing the ‘interhuman sphere: relationships between people, communities, individuals, groups, social networks, interactivity’ as prevalent in artists working within the international scene. Whether viewed as symptomatic of developing communication technologies or reflective of the changing political and economic climate, these practices have impacted the creative use of media, information and the participatory exchange of information. This session is comprised of three panelists addressing the complex and multifaceted collaborative practices in research, practice or education within our global landscape.

    Panelists: 'Planetary Collegium and the I-Node: The Right to Knowledge'. Katerina Karoussos, I-Node, Planetary Collegium

    'Leading through Collaboration: A Chairperson/Faculty Perspective'. Muneera Spence, Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar

    'Postnational Technollaboration within the Postbiotanical Village'. Max Kazemzadeh, Gallaudet University
  • 'For the People', awarded additional funding

    'For the People' has received additional funding through a Faculty Research Grant, from Virginia Commonwealth University-Qatar. Awarded funds will be used for additional purchases of synchronization-use and editorial-use license of stock news footage from Getty Images, shot in the countries of Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Syria between December 2010 and September 2011.
  • Presenting 'Morphological Mapping of the Arab Spring through an Ecological Lens'

    MutaMorphosis: Tribute to Uncertainty II, December 2012. Hosted by International Centre for Art and New Technologies. Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Presenting ‘Fictionalizing the Figuration: (In) Consideration of the Arab Spring’s Narrative Matrix’

    TECHNOETIC TELOS: Art, Myth and Media Conference, April 2012. Hosted by IONION CENTER FOR THE ARTS & CULTURE. Kefalonia , Greece.
  • 'For the People', awarded funding

    'For the People' has been awarded funding through a Faculty Research Grant from Virginia Commonwealth University-Qatar. The awarded funds will be used to purchase the synchronization-use and editorial-use license of for stock news footage from Getty Images, shot in the countries of Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Syria between December 2010 and September 2011.
  • Presenting 'Economy of the Moving Image'

    Presence in the Mindfield: Art, Identity and the Technology of Transformation Conference, November 2011. Hosted by Centro Cultural De Belem. Lisbon, Portugal.
  • 'Visualizing Qatar’s Past 'awarded NPRP

    Awarded the National Priorities Research Grant (NPRP) by the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) as the Co-LPI on the project 'Visualizing Qatar’s Past'. This three year project will be conducted in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Peterson from the University of Wales and the Qatar Museum Authority.

    The visual recording of Qatar's heritage will provide a detailed and publicly accessible record to further enable accessibility to a sometimes less than accessible past.

    The act of recording the excavation of archaeological sites allows for preservation of the processes involved in the exploration and development of understanding Qatar’s built heritage as well as providing an educational tool to others in the processes and time taken to unearth and discover Qatar’s past, helping to create a comprehensive archive for current and future generations.

    The principal aim of this research is to build up a visual record of Qatar’s archaeological and built heritage sites and to develop new methods of recording and analysis based on the use of UAV photography, video and thermal imaging.
  • 'On Trans-Media Narratology'

    Invited to present ‘On Trans-Media Narratology’ at The First Annual London Film and Media Conference in June 2011. Hosted by The Institute of Education University of London. London, United Kingdom. (Unable to Attend)
  • Presenting 'Constructed: Fictional Realisms'

    New Narrative IV: Image and Spectacle Conference, April 2012. Hosted by University of Toronto. Ontario, Canada.
  • Presenting 'Media Literacy and Design Pedagogy'

    Design Principles and Practices Conference, February 2011. Hosted by Sapienza University of Rome. Rome, Italy.
  • International Committee, Appointment

    Joined the International Committee with the College Art Association, for a three-year appointment.
  • Presenting 'Media Literacy in the Art and Design Curriculum'

    International Perspectives in Art and Design Pedagogy, October 2010. Hosted by Leeds College of Art Leeds, United Kingdom.
  • NABLAB Volume 1: Video

    NAB Gallery is pleased to announce our November group exhibition, NABLAB Volume 1: Video. The Exhibition surveys some of the many interesting trends in contemporary video art – from 3D animation to performance based practices to diaristic narrative and more – through the work of seven video artists from Chicago and New York. Featuring artists Andrea Ackerman, Lee Arnold, Diane Derr, Zachary Fabri, Lacie Garnes, Jillian McDonald and Kathleen Vojta. NAB has conducted interviews with each of the artists in the exhibition and produced a limited edition DVD which includes the interviews and excerpts of the works discussed.
  • The Mind/Body Problem

    The Mind/Body Problem, Artists Space, New York, NY, January, 2006 The exhibition engages the basic relationship between mental and physical events. In this exhibition, the Mind/Body Problem stands for the disconnect between concepts and actions, processes and objects, as well as perception and interpretation in the works of nine emerging artists.

    The ARTDISK inagural release at MOMA in Miami. The ARTDISK, a DVD magazine was a collaborative project by Thomas J. Condon, Diane Derr, Robert Rainey and Will May. The ARTDISK, a DVD magazine – the inaugural issue is comprised of three independent segments and contains 42 works from 10 countries. ART TRAILERS: 30 and 60 second works of Video Art, Film, Performance, Installation and Animation. CURATED: Features 4 shorts curated by Harrell Fletcher. SHORT TALKS: Dialogues with six contemporary artists; Stephen Vitiello, Barbara DeGenevieve, Gary Schneider, Michelle Citron, Patrick Nagatani and William Pope.L.