A Contrapuntal Reading of Data Journalism

Presentation: ‘A Contrapuntal Reading of Data Journalism'
Conference: Behind the Image and Beyond
Host: German University of Cairo
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Date: March 2013

Abstract: In his text Culture and Imperialism the cultural theorist Edward Said posits the contrapuntal reading as ‘extending our reading of the text to include what was once forcibly excluded’.  According to Geeta Chowdry in her article “Edward Said and Contrapuntal Reading: Implications for Critical Interventions in International Relations” the intention of this is to consider the comprehensive totality provided by the interweaving of embedded subjective histories. Citing interactive works that synthesis one-to-one, one-to-many, and mass communication models through the incorporation of locative media and participatory systems this paper examines the mechanisms through which data journalism enables the contrapuntal reading of embedded histories through networked communications.